Pre-Operative Tests

Tests possible tests include blood tests, ECG and X-rays if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or take any medication inform the doctor.

Certain patients have an MRI scan of the breasts, bone scan, CT scan or PET-CT scan.

Bone scan looks at the bones an injection of a radioisotope is given and 3 hours later the scan performed for further information regarding bone scans at HCA – more about bone scan.

PET CT can looks at the whole body and for some patients this is indicated.

CT scan is usually done of the chest, abdomen and pelvis for assessment. Water only is allowed by mouth for 6 hours before.

The day before admission some patients require a guide-wire localisation. Sentinel node radioisotope injection is often performed the day before surgery. This radioisotope tracer indicates the position of the sentinel node during the operation. It involves a short-lived radioisotope therefore close contact with small children should be avoided after injection for 24 hours.

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