Parathyroid Surgery

Mr Dimitri J. Hadjiminas also specialises in parathyroid surgery and is one of the main parathyroid surgeons at Imperial College.

Audit figures show a success rate of over 96% for neck exploration to identify and successfully remove adenomas or hyperplastic parathyroid tissue causing primary hyperparathyroidism and raised calcium levels.

The success rate is 100% for successfully localised abnormal parathyroid glands after minimally invasive mini-parathyroidectomy usually through a 25-28mm incision at the side of the neck.

These procedures are performed on a day-care basis and only require a 20-30 minute anaesthetic. For some patients who are not fit even for a short general anaesthetic this localised mini-parathyroidectomy can easily be performed successfully under local anaesthetic without any problems in most patients.

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