Breast Cancer Treatment

For those patients who are diagnosed with breast carcinoma, all the suitable therapeutic options are discussed in the presence of a breast care nurse who supervises and supports the patient throughout their treatment.

Most modern oncoplastic techniques are used that combine reduction mammoplasty principles (breast reduction techniques) and resectional surgical techniques. In addition, Mr Hadjiminas practices most volume replacement techniques involving latissimus dorsi flaps and miniflaps, lateral thoracodorsal and LICAP flaps where the breast volume is unsuitable for the use of a volume displacement method such as a therapeutic reduction mammoplasty.

For those patients who require a mastectomy as part of their treatment, immediate or delayed breast reconstruction is always offered when appropriate. Mr Hadjiminas and his team that includes other breast and plastic surgeons are able to offer the most advanced surgical techniques for whole-breast reconstruction. Mr Hadjiminas has a particular interest in bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction either for risk-reduction or as treatment for special groups of patients.

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